FEMA & RBI Related Services

As the business is happening among multi nationals, the foreign exchange transactions have increased a lot. In India RBI and FEMA regulations have to be followed. There is huge penalty on the violation of FEMA and RBI regulations. 

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

  • Compliance of the procedure including Accountants Certification for repatriation of income/assets from India
  • Making applications to Reserve Bank of India for purchase/sale of shares, debentures & securities and directly to and from Residents in India and outside India.
  • Making application to Reserve Bank of India for purchase/sale of residential and commercial property including renting out of property.
  • Any specific advice required in relation to FEMA/RBI matters
  • Permission for opening Liaison office
  • Permission for opening Branch office
  • Setting up Partnership / Partnership by NRI'S or persons of Indian origin.
  • Other Advisory Services on FEMA etc.

Secretarial Services

There are lot of statutory records and registers, which are required to be maintained by a Company/LLP registered in India. Besides Companies also require to file annual returns, change in directors, merger and acquisition etc. etc. from time to time. Non compliance of company regulations may attract huge penalties and may subject to closure of business. 

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com offers complete secretarial services that includes,

  • Maintenance of minute books, Section 301 registers, share holders register etc.
  • Filing of annual returns, registered office change information, change in directors etc.
  • Conversion of company Private Limited to Public Limited Company, Merger and acquisition.
  • Due diligence of accounts and law

Deed, Agreement and MoU drafting

Deed is a written and signed document which sets out the things that have to be done or recognitions of the parties towards a certain object. Commonly, under the law a deed has to be sealed in order to ensure its’ enforcement. 

Agreement is a contact and an outcome of a process of an offer by one party, accepted by the other. There are several ways in which such an agreement may be formed.

MOU is a legal document outlining the terms and details of a mutual agreement between parties including each parties roles and responsibilities. Our firm assists in drafting all such MOUs.

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com has a team of experts including advocates and company secretaries for drafting deeds, agreements and MOUs. Our experts keep in mind all Acts, rules and regulations in India or Outside India along with protection of interest of all parties to the deed, agreement or MoU. At the time of drafting they also consider complex situations that may arise in future.

Project and Working Capital Financing

Finance is the life blood of any organization, having too less of blood leads to anemia in human beings, similarly paucity of finance leads to decrease in activities or shelving of future expansion plans of any organization and may even lead to failure of business. 

Project Financing – Project financing is the base of the establishment of a business, which ensures success and long term finance needs of the business. A project can be financed in multiple modes by the banks, Financial Institutions, Venture capitalists, Private/ Public Equity or any other mode. Funds comes in the form of Term loan, Private Equity, External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs), Venture Capital, Debentures, Equity & Preference shares etc. 

Working Capital Financing – As we know working capital is the blood of any organization. Beside own money Banks and Financial Institutions fulfills working capital requirements. Popular modes of working capital finance facility by banks include Over Draft (OD), Cash credit (CC), Packing Credit limit PCL), Bill Discounting, Factoring, Buyers’ Credit, Suppliers’ Credit etc.

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com provide advisory services to its clients in securing Project & Working Capital Finance. We provide end to end services starting from assessment of client requirements, preparation of project reports, projected/provisional financial statements, meeting with bankers/financers etc. till finalization of funding and disbursement. Our range of services covers debt funding, Private Equity (PE) Funding etc. through banks, financial institutions and High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). Besides arranging finance we also assist in optimum mix of various finance products in order to optimize overall cost and meet peculiar finance needs. We have liaison with various banks, financial institutions and other funding agencies and possess deep insight of the procedures adopted by them for appraisal of the finance proposal. Services of MNRS also includes,

Management Information System (MIS)

A management information system (MIS) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, procedures and insists on principle of Management by Exception. Management information systems are distinct from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization. 

MIS combines tech with business to get people the information they need to perform their jobs better, faster and smarter. Information is the lifeblood of all organizations - now more than ever. MIS professionals work as systems analysts, project managers, systems administrators, etc., communicating directly with staff and management across the organization. 

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com offers their expertise services in the development of MIS system in any organization. MNRS has great exposure of development of MIS system for Small and Medium enterprises.

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a management practice that aims to improve the efficiency of the business process. The key to BPR is for organizations to look at their business processes from a "clean slate" perspective and determine how they can best construct these processes to improve how they conduct business. Reengineering is a fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in cost, quality, speed, and service. BPR combines a strategy of promoting business innovation with a strategy of making major improvements to business processes so that a company can become a much stronger and more successful competitor in the marketplace. 

Internal Control Systems

Internal control system is best regarded as the whole system of controls financial and otherwise made by the management in the conduct of a business entity which include internal check system, internal audit and other forms of controls. 

The management lays down internal control. This system contains plan methods and procedures of work done by various departments of an entity. It is the total system of controls and includes two basic parts: 

  • Financial Control System - This part of internal control system deals with aspects relating to the financial matters. For example, control over bank accounts: control over cash in hand, bills payables, debtors and creditors.
    In this control system payments received by the organization and payments made by the organization are totally controlled. It ensures that cash may not be misappropriated. For maintaining such a control, proper entries in books of accounts have to be maintained regarding the receipt and payments of cash.
  • Other Control Systems - Other Control Systems involve controls relating to the other activities of the organization. For example, production, advertising, marketing, quality etc.

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com provides exclusive services in the area of development of Internal control systems. First of all we study the existing systems of internal controls, if any, and then correct the systems. We also try to lock all leakages of funds and process.

Outsourcing Services


  • Significant benefits are
  • 25% to 50% annual cost savings without capital investment
  • Benefit of Accounts and Finance experts at no cost or least possible cost.
  • Greater "control" over the business and the finance and accounting function.
  • Accurate, timely and useful financial and operational reporting
  • World-class quality and accuracy from MNRS
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of facilities
  • Elimination of the headache of recruiting, hiring and managing clerical staff
  • The ability to focus on strategic, pertinent finance issues instead of non-value added activities
  • No Risk

Payroll – Payroll is one of the important part of activity of a company and there are many reasons to outsource the same such as,

  • Cost minimization
  • Batter and managed service availability
  • Benefit of expert knowledge of outsourced firm
  • Time service along with responsibility
  • No need of investment of infrastructure, software and latest technology
  • Confidently of payout among the employees is the most beneficial part of outsourcing
  • Most suitable for Small and medium enterprises who can’t afford a separate department for payroll.
  • Easily fulfillment the requirements of Labor and Income Tax Act (ESI, PF, Gratuity, Bonus, withholding tax etc.)

E-TDS and TCS Returns – Now in India TDS return has to be filed in electric mode and it must be accurate. It is batter for the medium and small enterprises to outsource this activity so that cost can be reduced and maximum accuracy can be achieved. 

PAN/TAN – In India every income tax assessee must have Permanent Account Number (PAN). It is a 10 digit number allotted by the Income Tax Department of India. Without PAN
it is quite difficult to open a bank A/c, Purchase a property, Open a Dmat A/c or making any high value transaction.
For the deduction of Tax at Source (TDS), it is mandatory to have Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN). It is also a 10 digit number issued by the Income Tax Department.

Budgeting & Forecasting Services

Planning, budgeting and forecasting are vital processes for almost all organizations. Understanding past performance and translating that insight into forward-looking targets to align business results with the corporate strategy is key to driving shareholder value. Leading organizations leverage driver-based planning models and shift from traditional annual budgeting cycles into a rolling forecast focused on managing the enterprise's performance.
CMAindiaclub.com has a differentiated perspective on the value of the planning process. Our methods, tools and deep skills allow us to work with companies to develop driver-based planning models, improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of critical planning, budgeting and forecasting activities
CMAindiaclub.com’S experts in planning, budgeting and forecasting can help your organization implement leading practices such as:

  • Driver-based planning models
  • Rolling forecasts
  • Increased participation by operational owners
  • Greater accountability by end users for items under their control
  • Multiple scenario modeling
  • Linking compensation to plan performance

Transfer Pricing

As business is crossing all geographical boundaries in international arena. Multi-national economic activities has given rise to new and complex issues emerging from transactions entered into between two or more enterprises belonging to the same multi-national group. With a view to provide a detailed statutory framework which can lead to computation of reasonable, fair and equitable profits and tax in respective countries, most of the countries has inducted various statutes keeping in mind various aspects involved.

For example to regulate taxation of multinational enterprises in India, the Finance Act, 2001 substituted section 92 with a new section and introduced new sections 92A to 92F in the Income-tax Act, specifying manner of computation of income from an international transaction in view of the arm's length price, meaning of associated enterprise, meaning of information and documents by persons entering into international transactions and definitions of certain expressions occurring in the said section.

What CMAindiaclub.com Offers

CMAindiaclub.com offers to assist in determining Arm’s length Price by following several methods viz.

  • Comparable uncontrolled price method;
  • Resale price method;
  • Cost plus method;
  • Profit split method or
  • Transactional net margin method.

Services of CMAindiaclub.com also includes,

  • Advice on the design, structure and management of transfer pricing documentation.
  • Preparation of functionally distinct master documents for different regions, individually tailored to meet local country requirements. This balanced approach accommodates requirements for local comparables with the benefits of a centralized compliance framework in a cost effective manner.
  • Enhanced documentation capabilities with access to multiple databases and the tools for identifying explicit entity types such as toll manufacturers, low risk distributors, and service providers.
  • Project management and monitoring by senior staff.
  • CMAindiaclub.com can help in the development of your in-house competency to manage your transfer pricing needs
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